Friday, April 29, 2022

various - the blood of ancient gods, volume #2 (pro.cdr)

*recent release (as superror), compilation-contribution**,
*label: humanhood recordings (usa), catalog nr: none,
*release date: 5 jan 2022, edition: 100 copies,
*full length: xxx, content: experimental/noise music

**track position: 16, track title: forests of agony; 


now available from:

upcoming mail art exhibitions (2022)

jun 1 - open date / perugia, italy                                                                     green nuke @ (digital exhibition) 

jun 4 - jun 5 / milan, italy                                                                                              green nuke @ via dei conti biglia (local exhibition)   

 jun 28 - jul 30 / perugia, italy                                                                           green nuke @ biblioteca delle nuvole (local exhibition)  

sept 24 - nov ?? / offenburg, germany                                                   honour to all mothers of all times @ kulturforum (local exhibition) 

oct 1 - oct 31 / berlin, germany                                                                                life is a cabaret @ ??? (local exhibition)











please note: 

further exhibition announcements might follow during 2022.

Monday, October 25, 2021

upcoming superror gigs (2022)

march 4 / salzburg, austria 
with she destroys hope (ger) & fall into dry lungs (at) @ künstlerhaus salzburg

please note the gig with she destroys hope in salzburg will not take place on the 15th of april, but on the 4th of march. please note further, another amazingly cool artist joined the linup: also the viennese harsh noise duo fall into dry lungs will be part of the show.  

once more i would like to note that this post might see some updates. one or two more superror gigs might take place in 2022 as well.

meanwhile: stay well. see you there. 


march 31 / innsbruck, austria 
with she destroys hope (ger) & fall into dry lungs (at) @ die bäckerei

Thursday, October 7, 2021

Current cases of possible identity theft. / Aktuelle Fälle von möglichem Identitätsdiebstahl.

Because some were asking me about this, i would like to clarify the following:

A weirdo is using my supERROR pseudonym as well my real name around the web. Whoever thinks this is funny, is posting absurd and obscene content under my real name on Twitter and whoever thinks this is funny is using my pseudonym for putting parody-like content regarding my project online. Further the responsible is using my pseudonym mainly also for running Twitter and Instagram accounts, etc. and for posting Anime and Manga releated stuff online via those, also in this case along with many absurd and obscure text-postings.

Beyond the use of the mentioned names, the content posted online contains to a small extent also vague references to me personally. A case of coincidence in regard to my real name seems not to be the case, as the information received by the register of residents office is suggesting the opposite. Much speaks therefore in this regard not for an case of unpleasant coincidence, but instead very much for the intended misleading use of the mentioned names.

In case this caused any confusion on your side and whoever was googling for supERROR or my real name and was wondering about this instead: It is not official. It is misleading and not related to me or my project in any way. I just hope the whole thing will be solved and clarified soon. 

Cheers ...


Weil ich im Vorangegangenen bereits darauf verwundert angesprochen wurde, möchte ich mich hiermit im Folgenden nun klärend äußern:

Irgendein Spaßvogel verwendet mein supERROR-Pseudonym, sowie meinen bürgerlichen Namen, im Internet. Scheinbar macht sich der Verantwortliche einen Spaß daraus, unter Verwendung meines bürgerlichen Namens absurde und obszöne Inhalte auf Twitter, online zu stellen. Ebenso macht sich der Verantwortliche scheinbar ebenso einen Spaß daraus sich ferner auch meines Pseudonyms zu bedienen, um unter diesem, Parodie-artige Inhalte zu meinem Projekt ins Internet zu stellen. Insbesondere jedoch stellt der Verantwortliche, Anime- und Manga-bezogene Inhalte, unter Nutzung meines Pseudonyms, auf Twitter und Instagram, etc. ein. Der Nutzer lässt dabei auch eben diese Inhalte, mit teils nicht minder absurden und obskuren Texten und Kommentaren, auf das Internet los.

Die online gestellten Inhalte enthalten zu Teilen vage Anspielungen auf mich persönlich. Eine zufällige Namensgleichheit, hinsichtlich meines bürgerlichen Namens, konnte, durch eine Melderegister-Auskunft, dahingehend bereits ausgeschlossen werden. Vieles spricht daher weniger für einen unangenehmen Zufall, denn viel mehr für einen mutwilligen Fall missbräuchlicher Namensnutzung.

Sollte Verunsicherung und Irritation bei all jenen hervorgerufen worden sein, die nach meinem Pseudonym oder meinem bürgerlichen Namen gegoogelt haben: Es handelt sich hier um keine auf mich zurückzuführenden Inhalte. Die betriebenen Accounts und Inhalte sind irreführend und haben keinen Bezug zu mir oder meinem Projekt. Ich hoffe, dass der ganze Sachverhalt bald aufgeklärt ist.

Grüße ...

Thursday, May 20, 2021

upcoming mail art exhibitions (2021)

april 12 - open date / entroncamento, portugal
mail "train" art @ (digital exhibition)

april 19 - open date / edmonten, canada
the cat @ (digital exhibition)

may 1 - may 31 / kassel, germany
100th birthday of joseph beuys @ galeria kollektiva (local exhibition)

june 1 - open date / perugia, italy
sweet miel art @ (digital exhibition)

sep 22 - oct 20 / the hague, netherlands
free as a bird @ 
jonckbloetplein road community centre (local exhibition) [the local exhibition took place after a digital exhibition first went online in 2020]

oct 9 - oct 9 / philadelphia, usa
postcART phl @ first unitarian church (local exhibition at a postcard fair) 

dec 3 - jan 23 (2022) / saint petersburg, russia
200th birthday of fyodor dostoevsky @
central library of the frunzensky district of st. petersburg (local exhibition)  


Friday, May 14, 2021

various - brüsk #2, a compilation of harsh noises (cassette)











*recent release (as superror), compilation-contribution**,
*label: grubenwehr freiburg (germany), catalog nr: gw/fr 23,
*release date: 13 may 2021, edition: 50 copies,
*full length: 60:00, content: experimental/noise music

**track position: 12, track title: haloid corporation; 


now available from:

Monday, May 3, 2021

label activities recently resumed

dear fellows!

i´m active with my label again. after the recent batch of cdrs i definitely intend to continue my label activities. but as i think now, i probably will do this on a very sporadic basis. so it might take a while until the next batch of releases is out. 

furthermore i would like to note, that there are also very much copies left from my audioarts-imprint. you can get those titles from me of course via my discogs-account too.

and once more i also would like to note: i´m very much interested in trades. so please feel free to ask ;-)


Friday, April 30, 2021

magnesia nova (mncdr#2-4)


current titles i released on my magnesia nova label:

*ryosuke kiyasu: continue as though it were flowing water,
*catalog number: mncdr#2, edition: 25 copies [cdr],
*full length: 43:54, content: drum improvisation

*_r_k_ & rytmtikstr: untitled,
*catalog number: mncdr#3, edition: 25 copies [cdr],
*full length: 55:11, content: glitch

*werewolf jerusalem, necrotik fissure, bruising pattern, trou: split,
*catalog number: mncdr#4, edition: 25 copies [cdr],
*full length: 48:19, content: harsh noise / harsh noise wall


listen to excerpts here: soundcloud, youtube;

the three cdrs are available via magnesia nova @

feel free to ask for trades. i´m always curious about new music. 

contact me via!

Monday, February 15, 2021

update on the upcoming gig

Dear Folks! 

Because the current year is full of uncertainties in regard to the still ongoing corona pandemic, we have decided to postpone the gig to the next year. The event will take place on the 15th of April, 2022. 

So there is need for a lot of patience, in regard to the upcoming gig, with She Destroys Hope and me, at the Salzburger Künstlerhaus, but however, there may also be some good news: 

A third artist might join us at the Salzburg Künstlerhaus gig. Furthermore, in 2022, one or two more gigs will maybe be played by me in one or two other cities abroad. The dates, line ups and locations will be announced during the current year. Furthermore, there are also good news in regard to my label, which i intend to reactivate. More details will be announced in the next few months or during this year. 

All the best! Stay well! 



Liebe Leute! 

Weil, in Bezug auf die weiterhin aktuelle Corona-Pandemie, das aktuelle Jahr noch voller Ungewissheiten steckt, haben wir uns entschlossen, den Gig auf das kommende Jahr bzw. genauer auf den 15. April 2022 zu verschieben. 

Es besteht daher die Notwendigkeit von etwas Geduld, hinsichtlich des Gigs, im Salzburger Künstlerhaus, mit She Destroys Hope und mir. Es gibt jedoch ggf. auch gute Nachrichten:

Allenfalls wird mit uns ein dritter Interpret im Salzburger Künstlerhaus auftreten. Weiters werden meinerseits, mit kommenden Jahr, ggf. ein oder zwei weitere Gigs in anderen Städten gespielt. Datum, Line Ups und Locations werden allenfalls im Laufe des aktuellen Jahres bekannt gegeben. Weiters, als gute Nachricht wiederzugeben ist, dass ich gedenke meine Label-Aktivitäten wieder aufzunehmen. Näheres wird in den nächsten Monaten bzw. im Laufe des Jahres bekannt gegeben werden. 

Alles Gute! Bleiben Sie gesund! 


Saturday, January 23, 2021

praying for oblivion - station grau (cassette)









*recent cassette by fellow noisician praying for oblivion,
length: 31:46, content: harsh noise/power electronics/avant

*label (eu): marbre negre, catalog number: mn134,
release date: 23 dec 2020, edition: 30 copies,

*label (us): imploding sounds, catalog number: is#275,
release date: 13 nov 2020, edition: 25 copies,

note: live recording of track 1 by superror.  

please support artist and labels!


Wednesday, November 18, 2020

superror - automatic control device (cassette)









*recent release (as superror), solo release,
*label: ciel bleu et petits oiseaux (france), cbpo 42,
*release date: 18 nov 2020, edition: 15 copies,
*full length: 1:29:30, content: noise/experimental

Tuesday, October 20, 2020

upcoming mail art exhibitions (2020)

oct 25 - open date / brescia, italy
mask over the mask @ (digital exhibition)

nov 5 - open date / the hague, netherlands
free as a bird @ (digital exhibition) [the digital exhibition was followed by a local exhibition in 2021] 

Friday, September 11, 2020

superror, xtematic - xtematic remixed by superror / superror remixed by xtematic (cassette)










*recent release (as superror), collaboration with xtematic,
*label: dead hound records (uk), catalog number: dhr072,
*release date: 11 sep 2020, edition: 20 copies,
*full length: 59:53, content: noise/experimental

now available from: